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Project 7 - E-Portfolio, Goal Statement, Self-evaluation

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Goal Statement and Self-evaluation



Goal Statement


If teachers understand and use new methods to relate to their students then their students are more likely to succeed.  Teachers need to be familiar with learning theories and use methodologies that are familiar to today’s students so that they will become more deeply engaged in the classroom content.


We need to recognize that our students have a short attention span and are more likely to be visual learners as opposed to aural learners.  This recognition helps us to understand that in order to gain and maintain the attention of today’s students it is important to “chunk” information and to repeat it in different ways.  This is the way television shows and video games are programmed.  Successful teachers are more likely to be successful if they use different delivery styles and methods. Technology such as smart boards, pda’s and even smart phones are an important component in this new world of teaching. Technology helps teachers to make these methodology changes of information transfer in the most painless and effective way possible,



It is my goal in this class to become better acquainted with learning and cognition theories in order to better engage my students and provide a successful learning environment.



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